HRH Crown Prince Reviews Achievements of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 Over the Past Five Years Riyadh 9

Wednesday 1442/9/16 - 2021/04/28
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In a reply to a question about the Red Sea projects, and whether they will become (New Maldives) in the Kingdom, HRH Crown Prince said: "We must offer something new in projects of the Red Sea in order to attract tourists with new services and different culture."
HRH Crown Prince disclosed that "the projects were divided, based on the architectural heritage of Hijaz, Tabuk, Jazan or Asir,” adding that some projects were designed in an innovative style that translates the shape of the Red Sea, as previously announced."
With regard to unemployment, HRH Crown Prince said that "during the fourth quarter of 2020, we reached 12%. This year, we will break the barrier 11%, reaching 10%. The target in the vision is 7%."
“We will achieve 7% very earlier. We are targeting the normal rate of unemployment between 7% to 4%. If we reach these targets, we will start a next step. Today, we only have 50% good jobs in Saudi Arabia, and the rest are bad jobs. What do a good job and a bad job mean? A good job means that you eat, drink, wear, and buy all things you need. Also, you have a house and a car as well as all your basic needs, in addition to the ability to save money, to spend on entertainment, and to live a happy life. Other 50% are bad jobs which mean that you eat, drink and have your main needs and a house, but you can’t save money and grow your wealth and can enjoy only a little. As we reach the normal unemployment rates, God willing, before the vision, between 7% to 4%, the next objective will be to raise good jobs from 50% to 80% in the Kingdom,” HRH Crown Prince said.
Regarding the health transformation program, HRH Crown Prince said: “The governance law is clear and explicit that health and education services are free for citizens. The transformation program in the health sector will make a major change in the level of services. We are working today with an initiative that will be launched soon with regard to converting King Faisal Specialist Hospital into a non-profit hospital owned fully by the government, but its goal is non-profit and is funded by about SAR 10 billion from the state budget. It will also get revenues from SAR 6 billion to 12 billion in addition to the government budget, a very large amount of SAR 22 billion. So, we will greatly expand research and inaugurate branches and services, with a non-profit goal. All these revenues will support health investments inside the Kingdom. Some governmental hospitals will be developed and others will be privatized.”
HRH Crown Prince highlighted the tourism sector, which will create 3 million jobs from now until 2030, one million jobs for Saudis and two million for foreigners for various reasons. But, when we find three million jobs for Saudis and two million jobs for non-Saudis, we will localize these jobs in the future. The industrial sector has opportunities, but the number is important. Does our unemployment increase or reduce? Unemployment is reduced. If we reduce, at the end of the year, unemployment by 4% from 14% to 10%, 4% in four years will be ten years. I do not want to give a specific number. When we reach 7%, we will work to improve Jobs and raise the income of 50% of citizens whose jobs are bad.
With regard to the public and higher education, HRH Crown Prince pointed out that there is community education for the society in general. So, Is the society positive? Is the society effective and pushing you? We have the means of technology that you can learn and find information very quickly, etc. When we talk about public education, the ministries of education, 30 years ago, were keen to provide information. Today, the resources are open. We focus on the volume of information. So, we provide the main information that you need, reading, writing, mathematics, etc. We will focus on skills. How do you search about the information? How do you develop yourself and your capabilities? How do you plan for the future? Of course, it will not be overnight. The human resource development program has been launched or will be launched soon. It will tell about these details and our journey in the next ten years.
With regard to the higher education, HRH Crown Prince said that “we have five universities in different indicators classified among the most important 500 universities in the world. The vision’s aim is that 3 universities are classified among 200 universities in the world. We may work on a very ambitious target that we may not achieve, but if we approached, it would be good, which is to have a university from the top ten universities in the world, which is "King Saud University". If it were number 20 or 30, it would be good. These details will be announced in the strategy of Riyadh City. Higher education is also covered in this aspect, as I mentioned to you in the technology sector and easy access to information. Nevertheless, our education today is not bad. We have graduated the Saudi public education and higher education. We aspire for the better.”
HRH Crown Prince affirmed that “we are not compared with (City-state) like Singapore, because it is a very narrow area, with a very small population and no geographical area. We are compared with France, which our rankings are close to it, Britain, the United States or China. These countries have a huge geographical area and a very large population.”
Regarding Riyadh city and its future, HRH Crown Prince said that “80% of the world’s economies are based on cities. In the coming ten and twenty years, 90% of the world’s economies are based on cities. If you want to achieve development, we have to create development in the city because it is your greatest performance in creating and growing jobs,” stressing that Riyadh was well planned by King Salman.
He added that Riyadh is the best city for infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and is one of the best cities in the Middle East. There are hardly two or three cities with the same level in the Middle East. This provides an opportunity to manufacture many projects that serve Saudi Arabia in the fields of employment, economic growth, etc.
HRH Crown Prince added that “there are about 3 million jobs in Riyadh city. We want to reach 20 million people. We need to create approximately 6 million additional jobs in Riyadh, indicating that Riyadh today constitutes about half of the non-oil economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “If you want to create jobs and grow, we have to focus greatly on Riyadh city. It is the biggest incentive for this very huge growth,” he announced.
With regard to the congestion in Riyadh, HRH Crown Prince said, "If we compare Riyadh with crowded cities, compare Riyadh with the million-population cities and with cities with a population of more than 5 million people, based on these indicators, adding that Royal Commission for Riyadh City will announce these indicators.
“Riyadh is number one in the world in the traffic, in comparison with Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, or London. The journey that takes an hour in Riyadh, it takes five hours in Los Angeles, it takes 3 or 4 hours in New York and it takes 10 hours in Tokyo. Riyadh is not compared with cities of 3 million people and a million population. Riyadh is compared with cities with more than five million people. We are the first. If the population in Riyadh grows to 15 or 20 million, it will be a challenge. Riyadh’s strategy aims to develop transportation through highways and new roads, including the metro, public transport and other services, which will be announced in the Riyadh strategy.
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