Adaa Reviews 42 Services of 11 Government Agencies to Measure Satisfaction of Worshippers

Thursday 1442/9/24 - 2021/05/06
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Riyadh, May 6, 2021, SPA -- The National Center for Performance Measurement (Adaa) works on measuring the satisfaction of worshippers during their visit to the Two Holy Mosques to perform Umrah, and know how satisfied they are about the services provided to them, so as to meet the aspirations of the leadership in offering whatever that can facilitate the performance of rituals for visitors of the Two Holy Mosques, protect their safety and offer them the best services.
Saad Al-Migren, CEO of the Beneficiary Experience Administration at Adaa, noted that the trip of Umrah performers is among the top trips that the center measures since almost three years ago, pointing out that the center reviews 42 services offered by 11 government agencies to Umrah performers and visitors of the Prophet’s Holy Mosque, where the center aims at measuring the level of satisfaction on services and service centers through questionnaires of random samples of Umrah performers covering all segments.
This year, the center adopted two tools to measure the level of satisfaction of worshippers and visitors of the Two Holy Mosques about procedures they face while heading to the Umrah trip, where the center conducts telephone questionnaires to answer some questions related to the services they receive and how satisfied they are with these services, service centers and government agencies that offer them.
The CEO also stressed that the Umrah trip for this year included nine stages: receiving permits to travel to Makkah; performing Umrah; transport and support services in Makkah; receiving permits to travel to Madinah; visiting the Prophet’s Holy Mosque; transport and support services in Madinah; air departure from Makkah and Madinah.
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