Saudi Falcons Club celebrates World Migratory Bird Day

Sunday 1442/9/27 - 2021/05/09
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Riyadh, May 8, 2021, SPA -- The Saudi Falcons Club took part in the World Migratory Bird Day, which falls on Saturday, by spreading awareness of local and international arrangements and laws aimed at protecting falcons and wildlife.
The United Nations has declared an annual day for migratory birds with the aim of inspiring communities and reminding them of the importance of preserving the lives of these birds and limiting population declines, as well as calling for international measures and systems to ensure their reproduction and avoid extinction, as more than 2000 bird species, including falcons, are threatened by overfishing and indiscriminate hunting, as well as food shortages, deforestation, and poisoning and climate change.
The Saudi Falcons Club registered its participation in the website dedicated to this global event through two awareness-raising events to introduce its efforts to protect falcons, as well as the value of migratory birds that pass through Saudi sky on their key journeys during migratory seasons.
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