Acting Media Minister Receives Director of Iraqi Communications and Media Commission

Sunday 1442/9/27 - 2021/05/09
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Makkah, 09 May 2021, SPA -- Acting Minister of Media Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi received in Makkah today the Executive Director of the National Communications and Media Commission in Iraq Adel bin Salman Aliwi, where the two sides discussed ways to develop joint cooperation in the media field.
Aliwi, who arrived in Jeddah yesterday and performed Umrah rituals, said that he discussed bilateral cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, adding that the Acting Media Minister expressed readiness to provide facilities and cooperation, open prospects for development between the two sides, and implement what was agreed upon on the ground between the two peoples.
The meeting comes as part of Aliwi's visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which aims to boost media relations between the two countries.
Aliwi praised the implementation of precautionary measures and health procedures during performing Umrah rituals.
17:40 LOCAL TIME 14:40 GMT