Saudi Stock Exchange Main Index Ends Trading Higher, at 10,471.55 Points

Wednesday 1442/10/14 - 2021/05/26
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Riyadh, May 26, 2021, SPA -- The Saudi Stock Exchange main index ended trading here today higher, gaining 23.55 points to close, at 10,471.55 points.
Valuation of the trading was SR9 billion, while the traded shares were over 300 million, divided into more than 380 thousand deals.
The number of advancing shares was 105 against 80 declining shares and spread between the highest and lowest percentage ranged from 9.92% to 6.36%.
Meanwhile, the Index of the Saudi Parallel Equity Market (NOMU) ended the trading lower, losing 537.52 points to close at 23730.43 points, with trading valuation worth SR41 million against 600 thousand traded shares, divided into 1,458 deals.
16:44 LOCAL TIME 13:44 GMT