Saudi CITC Obtains European EFQM Corporate Excellence Accreditation for Quality Management

Saturday 1442/11/2 - 2021/06/12
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Riyadh, June 12, 2021, SPA -- The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has obtained the Recognized for Excellence 4 Stars from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) for launching an array of qualitative initiatives that helped in improving business procedures and governance.
In addition, it adopted excellent corporate and meeting potentials evaluation as well as the outcomes listed on the evaluation model, that target operation efficiency and excellence in the corporate performance.
Such achievement has made the Saudi commission among the best 40 government departments, in terms of maturity, in accordance with model of the world advanced rankings, in the domain of communications and information technology and realizing sustainability and empowering the digital shift, in order to actualize the objectives of the commission as well as upgrading the efficiency of services it provides the private and public sectors, alike.
CITC has updated its strategy and ambitious objectives for the years to come, through designing and developing as many as 20 initiatives and 161 programs and projects.
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