Industry Ministry: 1,066 Sweets, Chocolate Factories in Saudi Arabia with Investment Volume Exceeding SR 35 Billion

Tuesday 1442/12/17 - 2021/07/27
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Riyadh, July 27, 2021, SPA -- The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources has revealed that the investment volume in the sweets and chocolate industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reached 35 billion riyals through 1,066 factories till the current mid-July.
A report issued by the National Industrial Information Center noted that the investment in sweets and chocolate factories constitutes 1.38 percent of the total investment volume in Saudi factories, pointing out that foreign investments in the sweets industry accounted for 3 percent of the total investments, while Saudi investors in the sector comprise 92 percent, while the remaining 5 percent was distributed to joint capitals.
The report showed that the Riyadh Region accounted for the highest share of the number of factories with 377 factories that represent 35 percent of the total number of factories, followed by Makkah with 294 factories and Qassim Region with 133 sweets and chocolate factories.
-- SPA
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