Ministry of Health: It is safe to receive first dose of COVID-19 vaccine immediately after recovery

Thursday 1442/12/19 - 2021/07/29
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Riyadh, July 29, 2021, SPA -- The Ministry of Health announced the possibility of receiving two dose of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine for those recovering from the virus, adding that the first dose can be taken 10 days after infection, according to medical studies that demonstrated the safety of this procedure, and that obtaining two doses increases protection against severe infection of the virus mutants.
The Ministry indicated that this step comes as a continuation of its efforts to prevent infection and protect society from the repercussion of the virus, pointing out that the national vaccination campaign is going according plan.
The Ministry called on everyone to take the vaccine and register through Sehhaty, stressing that the vaccines approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are effective and safe.
01:43 LOCAL TIME 22:43 GMT