Volcanic Eruption Sparks Forest Fire on Eastern Indonesian Island

Friday 1442/12/20 - 2021/07/30
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Jakarta, Jul 30, 2021, SPA -- A volcanic eruption has sparked a forest fire on Lembata island in eastern Indonesia, the country's disaster management agency said Friday.
Mount Lewatolo erupted on Thursday, sending a column of ash about 800 meters into the sky, dpa quoted the volcanology agency as saying.
Attempts to extinguish the fire that has ravaged the slopes of the volcano have been unsuccessful, said Abdul Muhari, spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency.
"The fire spots are in areas that are difficult to reach and dangerous, and the fire-fighting equipment is not adequate," Muhari said.
The agency is sending a water-bombing helicopter to try to douse the flames, he said.
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