Arab Interior Ministers Council Condemns Houthi Terrorist Militia's Targeting of Saudi Commercial Ship

Saturday 1442/12/21 - 2021/07/31
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Tunis, July 31, 2021, SPA -- The General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers expressed its strong condemnation and denunciation of the terrorist act carried out by Houthi militia, through which it attempted to attack a Saudi commercial ship by using a booby-trapped drone in the southern Red Sea.
It said in a statement issued from its headquarters in Tunis yesterday, that while it condemns these sabotage and criminal terrorist acts carried out by this Iranian-backed terrorist militia, which does not target the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only and its vital facilities, but also the international shipping movement and its security and freedom of global trade in the Red Sea, and supplies energy for the world as well as the global economy and international peace and security, in blatant defiance of the international community and disregard for all international laws and norms calling for peace, security and stability.
It renews its full support for the Kingdom against these terrorist attacks and its absolute support for all measures it takes to defend its security, stability vital facilities, and to protect the security of International shipping lines.
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