UNCCT Director Hails Etidal's Role As Globally Pioneering

Sunday 1442/12/29 - 2021/08/08
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Riyadh, Aug 8, 2021, SPA -- The Director of the United Nations Center for Counter-Terrorism (UNCCT), Dr. Jehangir Khan, praised the efforts of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) in the field of combating violent extremism, as global pioneering ones.
Khan said in a press statement during his visit to Etidal, "I am very impressed in every time I visit the Center, and this is my third visit to (Etidal) on behalf of UNCCT, and here I can only truly congratulate you on the pioneering and leadership work that you are doing in the field of preventing and countering violent extremism since Etidal is a global pioneering Center in this field and we are very proud and pleased to be able to work closely as UNCCT with Etidal.”
On his vision of the joint agreement between UNCCT and Etidal, he said: "We are very happy that we signed this joint agreement between the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Center and Etidal, and we have had very good discussions here with the Secretary-General and we are now looking forward to implement this agreement with some concrete actions, activities and joint cooperation, as we hope to achieve good results and impact in this very important area for combating and preventing violent extremism.”
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