Kingdom Reviews its Support to Meteorological Work on Arab Meteorological Day

Tuesday 1443/2/7 - 2021/09/14
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Jeddah, September 14, 2021, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the National Center for Meteorology (NCM), joins celebrations of the Arab Meteorological Day, which is celebrated tomorrow under the theme “Together we face extreme weather”, in its capacity as chair of the executive office and the ministerial council of meteorology in the Arab League.
This occasion comes in a time that several regions of the world face the repercussions of extreme weather, such as remarkable increase on temperatures, flashfloods and forest fires.
NCM CEO Ayman bin Salem Ghulam said that the repercussions of extreme weather conditions, such as remarkable increase on temperatures, flashfloods and acute weather phenomena, require all to show cautiousness and prepare proper visions to limit their risks to save souls and assets, where relevant international organization on climate and environment have highlighted the importance of joining efforts to prepare proper scenarios to face the risks resulting from extreme weather.
He noted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has realized the magnitude of challenges related to weather conditions, and worked on developing is meteoroidal systems to suit current and future developments and supported its facilities with all technologies that can contribute to developing meteorological work and enhancing the accuracy of meteorological and climate information for all beneficiaries.
He pointed out that the Center has managed to provide official and beneficiary institutions and the society with important initial information to warn against extreme weather conditions and also provided regional countries and relevant organization with helpful information that played a role in avoiding risks resulting from some of these weather phenomena.
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