Modon Houses 23 Renewable Energy Factories in 12 Industrial Cities

Monday 1443/2/13 - 2021/09/20
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Riyadh, September 20, 2021, SPA -- Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones has revealed that it houses 23 factories to support renewable energy supply chains in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including solar energy panels and systems, among others.
Modon CEO Eng. Khalid Bin Mohammed Al-Salem noted that Modon works on supporting the renewable energy sector through empowering supply chains and localizing its main components, due to the fact that it is one of the strategic sector with added value to the national economy. He added that Modon seeks to attract relevant industrial investments that contribute to realizing Saudi Vision 2030 targets and support the Initiative of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Renewable Energy in a bid to reach the perfect energy mix in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
He pointed out that the total area of the factories exceeds 360,000 square meters over 12 industrial cities, including Riyadh 2nd Industrial City; Sudair City for Industry and Businesses; Al-Kharj Industrial City; Dammam 2nd and 3rd industrial cities; Jeddah 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial cities; Al-Madinah Industrial City; Al-Baha Industrial City; and the two incubators in private industrial cities that are under the supervision of Modon.
The CEO noted that endeavors to attract and support qualitative industries with suitable products constitute a main component under Modon's strategy to empower industry and contribute to increasing the local content. These endeavors are also part of Modon's tasks under the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) in cooperation with Modon's partners in the public and private sectors to establish the best environment to transfer and localize knowledge in industrial cities.
Eng. Al-Salem said that the top products of these factories include producing solar cells, slim panels for generating solar energy, solar energy panels, solar energy systems, indoor and outdoor lighting units, systems for charging batteries of photovoltaic and solar energy for lighting, current convertors, data display monitors, metal tripods for generating solar energy and other products that support the supply chains of the renewable energy sector.
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