Saudi Press: Saudi Arabia Seeks to Achieve Peaceful Coexistence Among Peoples in the World

Thursday 1443/3/15 - 2021/10/21
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Riyadh, October 21, 2021, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas.
Al-Bilad Newspaper reported in its editorial that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia bases its approach on the values of moderation and supports everything that promotes peaceful coexistence among peoples.
Through principles and effective initiatives, Saudi Arabia seeks to enhance international efforts for civilized dialogue among followers of religions, civilizations and cultures, in addition to spreading the values of tolerance, cooperation and mutual respect among peoples in the world, the paper said.
In this regard, Saudi Arabia provided an amount of one million dollars, which is a part of the three million dollars that it had pledged to support the work plan and programs of the United Nations Office for the Alliance of Civilizations, the paper added.
This came in appreciation of the important role being played by the office, along with its efforts in disseminating a culture of peace and tolerance in the world, the paper further added.
In this context, Saudi Arabia affirms the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and to restor their legitimate rights, including the legitimate right to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital based on the relevant Security Council resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative that laid out the map to a final solution, the paper concluded.
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