Saudi, US Navies Continue "Blue Defender-21" Drill

Friday 1443/3/16 - 2021/10/22
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Jeddah, Oct 22, 2021, SPA -- The Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF), represented by the Western Fleet continued today the activities of the mixed bilateral naval exercise "Blue Defender 21" the US Navy.
The exercise witnessed the implementation of many joint maneuvers which included fighting in residential areas, storming buildings, training on beach reconnaissance, carrying out combat patrols, free shooting, removing mines and carrying out amphibious operations' exercises, which is the sea landing process, in which the participants demonstrated the highest standards of readiness with all professionalism.
The exercise also included a number of scenarios in which naval units, support boats, landing ships and a group of helicopters participated in to implement practical applications and tactical maneuvers, in addition to conducting many theoretical lectures in various maritime and strategic fields.
The exercise aims to enrich the leadership and combat experiences of the participants, to accommodate the requirements of naval military action because of its importance in raising the level of military efficiency, as well as upgrading combat readiness and exchanging military expertise and skills in various naval operations, in addition to enhancing coordination and achieving the desired integration in the field of mixed marine operations.
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