Saudi Press: Saudi Arabia's Foreign Policy is Based on Principles of Respecting Sovereignty of Countries and Good Neighborliness

Saturday 1443/3/17 - 2021/10/23
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Riyadh, Oct. 23, 2021, SPA -- In their editorials today, Saudi newspapers highlighted a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas.
Al-Riyadh newspaper editorially reported that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's foreign policy is based on principles and fundamentals represented in respecting the sovereignty of other countries and good neighborliness and resolving disputes through dialogue and peaceful methods stipulated in the UN Charter and international norms and laws.
Therefore, Saudi Arabia stressed that the Iranian regime’s subversive, destructive and harmful policies in the region, in addition to its attempts to acquire nuclear weapons should be dealt with firmly by the international governance, the paper said.
The Iranian regime’s hostile behavior represents an imminent and major danger in destabilizing the region’s security and stability and threatening the future and prosperity of its peoples, the paper added.
For its part, Al- Bilad newspaper editorially reported that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has sought to achieve regional and international stability since its inception until this current prosperous era.
In this regard, the unprecedented efforts being exerted in finding a comprehensive political solution in Yemen reflect Saudi Arabia's firm and clear positions in supporting peace and stability in the region, the paper said.
These efforts are seen as the best solutions to support Yemeni people to find a way out of the severe economic and humanitarian crisis created by the terrorist Houthi militia, the paper added.
The recent statement of the UN Security Council condemning the threat posed by Houthis to international navigation in the Red Sea confirms Saudi Arabia's announcement of the danger of this terrorist group targeting regional and international security and on the safety of international trade and energy supplies, the paper further added.
In this context, the UN Security Council condemned Houthi group's targeting Abha International airport, affirming that such continuous attacks on innocent civilians and civilian facilities in Saudi Arabia violate the international law and undermines world peace, the paper concluded.
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