Saudi Space Commission Joins International Astronautical Federation

Monday 1443/3/19 - 2021/10/25
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Riyadh, Oct. 25, 2021, SPA -- The International Astronautical Federation (IAF), a leading international space organization founded in 1951 to promote dialogue between scientists around the world and encourage international cooperation in the field of space, announced today the joining of the Saudi Space Commission to be a member of the organization.
On this occasion, Saudi Space Authority CEO, Dr. Mohammad bin Saud Al-Tamimi, stressed that the space sector in Saudi Arabia is one of the sectors targeted in Vision 2030, as the Kingdom seeks to become among the leading countries in this field, and the Saudi Space Commission is tasked with developing the space sector through the scientific and professional development of the skills of Human Resources and providing the necessary support to promote research and development in space technologies.
"We are pleased today to join the International Space Federation to enhance the Kingdom's stature globally and to consolidate its leading role in the development of the space economy internationally. We, at the Saudi Space Commission, look forward to sharing experiences and activities with the IAF, and to be part of this global network to serve the space sector," he said.
The announcement comes as part of the efforts that aim to enhance the Kingdom's position and its leading role regionally and internationally, in addition to the transparent legislative structure of the Kingdom's space sector that addresses the future, stimulates growth, and inspires generations.
Joining the IAF constitutes a new chapter added to the intensive initiatives of the commission to cooperate with the international community to establish new and developed principles and frameworks that enhance international laws to benefit from the space sector and its technologies, to serve the interest of scientific progress for mankind.
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