"Financial Sector Perspective" Session Discusses Important Topics Related to Environmental Sustainability Programs and Works on Clean and Renewable Energy

Tuesday 1443/3/20 - 2021/10/26
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Riyadh, October 26, 2021, SPA -- The session, which was entitled "The Perspective of the Financial Sector", as part of the Green Middle East summit, which was launched yesterday in Riyadh, discussed the most important issues related to the Environmental sustainability program, working on clean and renewable energy, and moving towards a green economy to implement the Paris Agreements to reduce temperatures, especially in the countries of the Middle East and developing countries.
The session, which was attended by BlackRock Chairman and CEO Larry Fink, HSBC CEO Noel Quinn, and Banco BTG Pactual Senior Partner Andre Esteves, emphasized that allocating $50 trillion to environmental transformation projects helps to work and reach the sustainable development goals, pointing out that governments, the private sector, and international financial institutions must do this to ensure the transformation of climate change and the use of clean energy and its activation on reality.
The session added that the financial sector must support to enable the green transformation, pay attention to technology, build low-carbon investments and work on them significantly.
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