Saudi Arabia to Take Part in G20 Summit as Member of Tripartite Committee

Thursday 1443/3/22 - 2021/10/28
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Riyadh, Oct 28, 2021, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will participate this year as a member of the tripartite committee "troika" of the G20 summit, chaired by Italy; to support the Group's efforts to achieve inclusive, sustainable, and balanced economic growth, where the Kingdom will share lessons learned from previous discussions with the Member States during its previous presidency, and provide advice on various topics.
During its presidency of the G20, the Kingdom, through the efforts of the communications and information technology system, contributed to the formulation of directions of the member states in several topics, namely the development of the digital economy, the role of digital technologies in preparing for recovery and ensuring stronger resilience to address future crises, pushing the efforts of digital transformation in production, taking advantage of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, measuring the practice and impact of the digital economy, educating and protecting consumers, protecting and empowering children in the digital environment, encouraging innovation for smart cities, the free flow of data while enhancing trust, communication, and social inclusion, in addition to the digital tools for public services and business sustainability, digital identity, and flexible systems.
The Italian agenda for the G20 this year revolves around three main pillars: people, planet, and prosperity. This concept has been received with appreciation by the member states whose vision is compatible with the Italian presidency's goals of ensuring a rapid response to the pandemic while achieving economic recovery focused on the needs of the people.
The G20 meetings, under the Italian presidency, were consistent with the KSA’s trends which were discussed during the Kingdom’s presidency of the G20, as the Kingdom’s proposal to upgrade the digital economy working team to a working group met with a consensus of the group’s countries, and will be activated during the next Indonesian presidency in 2022. The Italian presidency’s interest in the topics raised by the Kingdom was also evident in its continued discussion of human empowerment through the digital economy, especially in light of the difficult circumstances that swept the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
The Kingdom was ranked second internationally among the G20 countries in the Digital Competitiveness Report 2021 issued by the European Center for Digital Competitiveness.
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