Saudi Arabia recalls its Ambassador in Lebanon for consultations, requests the departure of the Lebanese ambassador to the Kingdom within the next (48) hours, and suspends Lebanese imports into the Kingdom

Friday 1443/3/23 - 2021/10/29
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Riyadh, October 29, 2021, SPA -- Following up to the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on October 27, 2021, regarding the damaging statements against the Kingdom issued by the Lebanese Minister of Information, these statements represent a new cycle of reprehensible and rejected stances issued by Lebanese officials towards the Kingdom and its policies, and included slanderous statements, and distortion of facts.
This also comes in addition to Lebanon's failure to take the measures demanded by the Kingdom to stop the export of the scourge of drugs from Lebanon through Lebanese exports to the Kingdom, especially in light of the terrorist Hezbollah's control of all ports, as well as its failure to take sanctions against those involved in those crimes that target the Kingdom and its citizens, and its non-cooperation in extraditing the wanted persons to the Kingdom in contravention of the Riyadh Agreement for Judicial Cooperation.
In this regard, the Kingdom’s government regrets what the relations with the Lebanese Republic have turned out due to the Lebanese authorities’ ignoring of the facts and their continued failure to take corrective measures to ensure the observance of the relations that the Kingdom has long been keen on based on the brotherly sentiments and deep ties it has for the Lebanese people. The ongoing hijacking the decision making of the Lebanese state made Lebanon an arena and a launching pad for activities contrary to the interest of Lebanon and its people, who have historical bonds with the Kingdom’s various walks of life and ethnicities since the independence of the Lebanese Republic, and as seen through Hezbollah providing support and training to the Houthi terrorist militia.
Therefore, Saudi Arabia announces recalling its ambassador to Lebanon for consultations and requests the departure of the Lebanese ambassador to the Kingdom within the next (48) hours, and due to the importance of taking all necessary measures to protect the security of the Kingdom and its people, it has been decided to stop all Lebanese imports into the Kingdom, in addition to other measures to be taken to ensure these goals. Out of its concern for the citizens' safety in light of the increasing instability of the security situation in Lebanon, the Kingdom's government reiterates what was previously issued regarding banning citizens from traveling to Lebanon.
The Kingdom’s government stresses its keenness on the Lebanese citizens residing in the Kingdom, whom it considers part of the fabric and bond that unites the Saudi people and their Arab brothers residing in the Kingdom, and does not regard what was issued by the Lebanese authorities express the stances of the dearly Lebanese community residing in the Kingdom.
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