Riyadh to Host Biggest Musical Events in Middle East

Wednesday 1443/4/26 - 2021/12/01
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Riyadh, December 1, 2021, SPA -- Riyadh, between December 16 and 19, is scheduled to host the Soundstorm Festival, which is the biggest musical event in the Middle East, with the participation of senior international singers and musicians on the Soundstorm Theater.
Soundstorm Festival is among the top events listed by the calendar of events and seasons launched by the Visit Saudi Platform to display all tourist and entertainment activities and seasons scheduled to be held during the Saudi Winter between October 2021 and March 2022.
Visit Saudi provided an opportunity to check on the shows and events through the website of events and seasons: https://calendar.visitsaudi.com/, which was launched in last September.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now open to welcome tourists from inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Gulf and the whole world through a big number of qualitative and international events that are held for the first time in the region, which allows all the opportunity to choose from unprecedented opportunities to explore and enjoy what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has of distinguished tourist destinations and entertainment events with a global character. All these activities are held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to meet the aspirations of families and individuals from various age groups of citizens, residents and tourists, while taking into consideration all health conditions and ensuring the commitment of all in coordination with stakeholders in a way that guarantees a safe and joyful tourist and entertainment experiences.
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