Translation Forum Begins with Discussion on the Role of Translation in Bringing Cultures Together

Thursday 1443/4/27 - 2021/12/02
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Riyadh, December 02,2021, SPA -- The first session of the Translation Forum discussed today the role of translation in bringing cultures together.
The speakers raised the issue of books translation from one language to another and the role they play to translate these books again to many other languages.
They stressed that the translation in that case was not only about books but more about connecting different cultures and nations together.
The speakers and the audience had a rich and lively discussion on a variety of themes and topics connected to the translation sector.
The panel discussion was moderated by Hamad Alshammari.
Prof. Martha Lucia Pulido Correa, Dr. Mohammed Albarakati, Mohamed Ait Hanna, and Nawwaf Albeedani took part in the discussion.
18:50 LOCAL TIME 15:50 GMT