Remote Interpreting, Conference Interpreting, Applications of Political Translation Workshops Held to Develop Participants Skills

Thursday 1443/4/27 - 2021/12/02
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Riyadh, December 02, 2021, SPA -- Remote Interpreting, Conference Interpreting and Applications of Political Translation workshops were held today as a part of the Translation Forum.
During the Remote Interpreting workshop, Fahd Alhathloul stressed the importance of remote interpreting, whereas the business opportunities in this field dramatically increased with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He affirmed that interpreting is easy to do if an individual has good translation skills, applies perfect techniques and uses good tools. Alhathloul also shared with the attendance the requirements of remote interpreting.
In a similar workshop, Conference Interpreting, the presenter of the workshop, Rana Alhanaya, highlighted simultaneous interpreting techniques. Alhanaya and the trainees also discussed ways of overcoming mistakes made during interpretation.
Meanwhile, at the Applications of Political Translation workshop, Dr. Abdelhamid Elewa highlighted the importance of having good knowledge on the political systems of different countries, which enables translators to present good and understandable texts.
The workshops aimed at developing the trainees' skills to the highest level of professionalism.
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