Legal Translation, Basics of Translation Workshops Held Today to Contribute to Development of Sector, Translators

Friday 1443/4/28 - 2021/12/03
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Riyadh, December 03, 2021, SPA --  Legal Translation and Basics of Translation workshops held today as a part of the Translation Forum to contribute to development of the sector and  translators.
During the Legal Translation workshop Prof. Catherine Way affirmed that legal language is different from other types of translation.
Legal systems vary and to be a good legal translator it is a must to be well educated about them, she affirmed.
Prof. Way underlined techniques of preparing to become a legal translator.
Meanwhile, at the Basics of Translation workshop, Dr. Noha Alowedi discussed the diversity of structure and noun phrases between English and Arabic, importance of collections, problem of idioms and solutions on these issues.
Dr. Alowedi shared with the attendance advices on addressing the problem of numbers and gender.
Managing more collections will lead to more creative translation, she affirmed.
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