Translation in sports is promising in Saudi Arabia, according to the professionals

Friday 1443/4/28 - 2021/12/03
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Riyadh, December 03, 2021, SPA -- Professionals in sports translation agreed that this field has a bright future in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
This was revealed during a session tilted "The Role of Translation in Sports," which was held as part of the Translation Forum in Riyadh today.
In terms of publicity and marketing, the speakers in the session stressed the importance of having interpreters in each football club.
They pointed out that each club has players of various nationalities and from different nations, which help the club advertise itself and gain popularity internationally.
The speakers were Nasser Albeshri, Mansour Alabdallah and Mushari Alghamdi. The session was moderated by Mazen Alharbi.
23:17 LOCAL TIME 20:17 GMT