Community Interpreting, Strategies of Critical Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Audiovisual Texts Workshops Attract Large Number of Trainees

Saturday 1443/4/29 - 2021/12/04
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Riyadh, December 03, 2021, SPA -- Community Interpreting and Strategies of Critical Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Audiovisual Texts workshops attracted a large number of trainees Thursday. The two workshops were held as a part of the Translation Forum, organized by the Literature, Publishing , and Translation Commission.
Prof. Nike Kocijancic Pokorn drew the trainees attention to the actual meaning of community interpreting through several examples.
She said that in every country in the world we are faced with the fact that people arrive and do not speak the language of the society as they might be tourists, immigrants among others. These people may have an accident. In these situations, we need someone to establish communication between the person who faced the accident and the other side involved in the accident and those who play this role between the two parties are called community interpreters or public services interpreters.
Prof. Pokorn also addressed the recommended ways for doing community interpreting in different situations.
At the same time, Dr. Rashid Yahiaoui discussed strategies of critical multimodal discourse analysis of audiovisual texts.
These two workshops represented the last two workshops at the Translation Forum.
The forum hosted 10 workshops to develop the attendees’ skills in a number of areas. They also aimed at developing the sector to the highest level of professionalism.
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