Manga Productions Receives Innovation Award from Utah Digital Entertainment Network for Al-Ula Adventures Experiment

Monday 1443/5/2 - 2021/12/06
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Riyadh, Dec. 06, 2021, SPA -- Virtual reality experiment “Al-Ula Adventures”, developed by Manga Productions, an affiliate of Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation (MiSK), has, in cooperation with US Sparks XR, won the innovation award of the Utah Digital Entertainment Network for 2021 after competing with 16 international bodies during a ceremony held at Salt Lake City, Utah.
“Al-Ula Adventures” enables the user to go on a unique virtual trip to Al-Ula amidst several effects, such as wind, and other touching effects with a 360 degrees, in a way that contributes to making the experiment almost real, where it was developed based on a patent and hard work of a Saudi team in Manga Productions and US Sparks XR.
CEO of Manga Productions Dr. Issam Bukhari said that receiving the award is a result of empowering Saudi talents in various projects of the company and a result of transferring and localizing technologies and knowledge in the creative industry field in a way that serves efforts of exporting the Saudi culture and acquainting the world with the historical and civil treasures in the Arabian Peninsula.
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