The Ministry of Defense: The Royal Saudi Air Defense Intercepts and Destroys A Ballistic Missile Launched by the Houthi Militia Towards Riyadh

Tuesday 1443/5/3 - 2021/12/07
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Riyadh, December 7, 2021, SPA -- Statement by the Official Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense Brigadier General Turki Al-Malki "The Royal Saudi Air Defense has intercepted and destroyed this evening a ballistic missile launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia towards Riyadh. The interception resulted in scattered debris over some residential areas, with no damages recorded.
This vicious, irresponsible behavior of attempting the deliberate and systematic targeting of civilians and civilian objects by the terrorist militia contradicts all divine teachings and humanitarian principles, and violates the Customary International Humanitarian Law.
The Ministry of Defense will undertake all necessary and deterrent measures to safeguard civilians and civilian objects, protect its territory and national capacities, and stop these hostile, cross-boarder acts of aggression in accordance with the customary International Humanitarian Law.
-- SPA
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