"Saudi Exports" Wins ISO Certificate for Business Continuity

Thursday 1443/6/10 - 2022/01/13
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Riyadh, Jan 13, 2022, SPA -- The Saudi Export Development Authority “Saudi Exports” has won "ISO 22301: 2019 BCMS" certificate in the field of business continuity from “Q.C.B ITALIA”; as a result of applying the necessary criteria to obtain this certificate and fulfilling all its requirements.
Among the most prominent criteria for obtaining the certificate is identifying risks to ensure business continuity, setting appropriate controls for their management, and adopting a preventive approach to reduce the impact of accidents to the lowest level, which will reflect positively on the authority’s work and activities, and will have a significant impact on enhancing its position and the reliability of its performance with its clients at the local, regional and global level.
The authority made it clear that crowning its work with this international recognition constitutes an important addition to the series of achievements that the authority has achieved since its inception in 2013. This certificate is also the third global achievement achieved by the authority in terms of implementing international quality standards, as it previously obtained the “ISO 20000-1:2018 SMS” certificate, and the “ISO 27001: 2013 ISMS” certificate, which contributes to achieving the rational leadership’s directions towards improving the reputation and prestige of national institutions and companies worldwide.
It is worth mentioning that the authority has taken many initiatives that contributed to obtaining the ISO certificate for business continuity, the most prominent of which is the establishment of a system of proactive measures to confront accidents that would cause the interruption of operations, ensure the continuity of basic business during times of crisis, and reduce downtime to the lowest level when exposed to any technical accident.
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