ALECSO Members to SPA: AlUla is history icon, cradle of human civilization

Wednesday 1443/6/23 - 2022/01/26
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AlUla, January 26, 2022, SPA -- Members of the Executive Council of the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) stressed that the unique historical status of AlUla made it an Arab and international cultural icon with a special feature based on what it contains of an unparalleled cultural and humanitarian heritage.
Speaking to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), during his current participation in ALECSO’s 116th ordinary session in AlUla, Director General of ALECSO Dr. Mohamed Ould Amar expressed happiness for this Arab meeting in this place, stressing that the core action of the organization is getting acquainted with archaeological sites in Arab countries and enhancing interest in them and their historical and cultural values.
Ould Amar described AlUla as being one of the most beautiful Arab and international sites in terms of the diversity of its monuments and what it enjoys of topography, mountains, date trees, oasis, valleys, deserts and the nature of the earth that combines a lot of elements of the strength, quality and excellence of the desert sites, in addition to the historical scent of this place that was home to ancient civilizations that we are all proud of their being the oldest Arab civilizations with a character that is known for its cultural and space dimensions.
Member of ALECSO Executive Council and Secretary General of the UAE National Commission for Education, Culture and Science Salma Al-Darmaki considered AlUla as the best place through which we can witness a qualitative leap to the work of ALECSO, especially that the executive council is currently about to approve the 2023-2024 budget, and that this place that symbolizes future and its meeting with the past represents the best place to announce future plans for the organization.
For his part, Member of ALECSO Executive Council and Secretary General of the Tunisian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science Kamal Hajjar said AlUla’s hosting to the session provided an opportunity for the attendees to explore the place that has a deep history and allows an opportunity to live part of history and the successive civilizations.
Speaking to SPA on ALECSO’s role in overcoming current challenges brought about by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, he said: “We are about to embark on thorough discussions and analysis to build plans that bring back the course of Arab educational and cultural work to trail in a bid to overcome several current challenges, mainly the COVID-19 pandemic.”
Member of ALECSO Executive Council and Secretary General of the Comoros National Commission for Education, Culture and Science Nouriddine Pasha said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represents the start of ancient civilizations due to what it enjoys of a great human heritage and old kingdoms whose antiquities are still standing till the present.
He said: “On this occasion, we had a unique opportunity to visit this place, especially that all of the attendees were amazed by the site that no one thought it would be the cradle of history and launching point of civilizations. While here, we knew that Lahyan and Dadan kingdoms lived in the same time of Saba Kingdom, where history documented Saba but the antiquities and scientific efforts that are being exerted now by stakeholders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia scientifically prove that Dadan and Lahyan kingdoms lived in the same period.”
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