Coalition To Restore Legitimacy In Yemen: A Prison Was Not Targeted In Sa’dah, Will Present All Facts And Detailed Information To The JIAT Regarding The Houthi Militia’s Claim That The Coalition Targeted A Prison

Friday 1443/6/25 - 2022/01/28
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Mukalla, January 28, 2022, SPA -- Statement By The Official Spokesperson Of The Coalition To Restore Legitimacy in Yemen Brigadier General Turki Al-Malki is issued as follows:
“In reference to the statement issued by the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition dated (22 January 2022) in regards to the terrorist Iran-backed Houthi militia’s claim that the Coalition targeted a prison in Sa’dah, and what was announced by the Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) dated (27 January 2022), which stated that JIAT has initiated investigative procedures and started gathering information and documents relative to this subject, the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will present all facts and detailed information regarding the Houthi militia’s claim that the Coalition targeted a prison in Sa’dah city to JIAT, OCHA Yemen and ICRC .
There are (4) locations identified as prisons in the the Joint Forces Command’s No Strike List (NSL) in Sa’dah city, which are being used by the terrorist Houthi militia, and that the closest prison is located (1.8 km) away from the alleged location. In addition, the targeted location is a (Special Security Camp) in Sa’dah, which is a legitimate military target in nature. Furthermore, its military use by the terrorist Houthi militia, and its active participation in hostilities and the launch of cross-border attacks to target civilians and civilian objects.
What was announced and disseminated by the terrorist Houthi militia in its media outlets is a blatant attempt to mislead the public opinion regarding the true nature of the location in an attempt to garner sympathy from UN organizations and INGOs.
Preparations are being made to invite OCHA Yemen and ICRC to visit the Joint Forces of the Coalition’s Headquarters to familiarize them with the true nature of the military location in question, discuss the misleading Houthi narrative and exchange the available information they posses regarding the statements by some organizations that they have visited the location of the claim, as the Coalition has not received any requests from any UN organizations or INGOs to place the location of the claim on its NSL. It has not been proven to the Coalition that there were distinctive symbols in accordance to the IHL.
The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition implements the highest targeting standards and highest international standards in its targeting mechanism and Rules of Engagement. In case of any claims, the Joint Forces Command handles said claims with the highest consideration according to its internal mechanism and in a manner adhering to the IHL. The terrorist Houthi militia bears the full responsibility in case it uses civilians as human shields in its military locations or any case contrary to IHL rules concerning detention centers stated in Article (23) of Geneva Convention (III) and Article (5) Paragraph (2.C) of Protocol (II) Additional to the Geneva Conventions.”
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