Arab Parliament Condemns Bombing of Baghdad Airport As Threat to Stability of Iraq

Saturday 1443/6/26 - 2022/01/29
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Cairo, Jan 29, 2022, SPA --The Arab Parliament condemned the targeting of Baghdad Airport with missile strikes, which resulted in damage to a number of airplanes.
Parliament warned in a statement Friday of the danger of these attacks targeting civilian facilities and infrastructure in Iraq, as they represent a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the Iraqi state, and undermine the chances of restoring security and stability.
It considered the targeting of Baghdad airport a dangerous indication of the escalation of terrorist operations, which harms air traffic and passengers, endangers the lives of civilians and innocents, and represents a clear threat to the stability of Iraq and the capabilities of its people.
The Arab Parliament also called on the Iraqi parties to show solidarity and stand united in the face of terrorism.
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