Immunity Starts Days after Receiving 3rd Dose, Reaches Peak in Two Weeks, Says Health Ministry Spokesman

Sunday 1443/7/5 - 2022/02/06
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Riyadh, Feb. 06, 2022, SPA -- Assistant Minister of Health and Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Health Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulaali stressed that the world is witnessing the highest rates of registering cases at the daily and weekly levels, noting that curves are witnessing a remarkable decrease after reaching the peak over the last two weeks.
During a press conference held today, he reported that the number of doses given in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reached more than 58 million shots, where the number of immunized people with two doses exceeded 23.7 million people, noting that the effect of vaccines in protecting the society is clear and contributed to lowering the number of critical cases.
These measures led to the current decrease witnessed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the number of cases is on a downtrend trend after a decrease and increase fluctuation followed by the current ongoing downward, he explained, describing it as a positive indicator.
These days, critical cases are diagnosed as stable, and their rate was as expected a week ago, he said, describing this development as an indicator for their decrease together with the number of cases, noting that immunity starts days after taking the third dose and reaches its peak after two weeks.
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