General Presidency Intensifies Services at Prophet’s Mosque to Serve Visitors and Worshippers

Monday 1443/9/3 - 2022/04/04
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Madinah, April 04, 2022, SPA-- The Assistant General President for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque, Dr. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Khudairi, stressed that the General Presidency harnesses all services that are in the interest of visitors and worshipers, and is keen to provide all means that would facilitate carrying out the rituals by visitors and pilgrims with ease and comfort, in collaboration with government agencies involved in providing services at the Prophet’s Mosque.
Dr. Al-Khudairi said, during a field tour to inspect the progress of work at the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque in receiving visitors and worshipers during Ramadan, that the agency prepared and harnessed all efforts to accommodate the expected influx of worshipers and visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque, by doubling the number of workers and coordinating efforts and tasks between the agency and the security authorities in the Prophet’s Mosque.
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