895,499 Umrah performers arrive in the Kingdom until today

Thursday 1443/9/6 - 2022/04/07
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Madinah, April 07, 2022, SPA -- The number of Umrah performers arriving in the Kingdom since the beginning of allowing Umrah performers to come from all ports has reached 895,499 until today, through air, land and sea ports, for the Umrah season 1443 AH, according to a report published by the Agency of Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for Visiting Affairs in Madinah.
The report showed that the number of arrivals by air reached 822,736 compared to 648,858 departees, while the number of those arriving by land reached 72,687 compared to 50,548 departees, and the number of those arriving by sea reached 76, while 72 Umrah performers left.
19:46 LOCAL TIME 16:46 GMT