SFDA: Over-roasting or roasting is not an indication of the level of food and may cause harm to human health

Sunday 1443/9/9 - 2022/04/10
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Riyadh, April 10, 2022, SPA -- Believing that food turns brown during browning or over-roasting is not a clear evidence of its completeness, safety for consumption, and readiness for eating, as the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has clarified that this may be associated with some harm to human health and the formation of harmful compounds.
The formation of these compounds in roasted foods can be reduced by adjusting the temperature of the oven, oil, or hot surface, and shortening the cooking period to the minimum for each food item to be roasted.
The browning or roasting must be stopped as soon as the golden color appears on the surface of the food, making sure that it is completely cooked from the inside to ensure its safety.
SFDA pointed out that frying oils are subjected to chemical changes during storage and when exposed to heat and light, and these changes result in substances harmful to health, and some of these products can
be identified through chemical analyzes in the laboratory.
It indicated that the changes that can be observed in these oils include darkening of the color, thickening of the texture, unpleasant odor, and the mineral oil flavor, adding that the oxidation of the oil
is one of the reasons behind these changes, and the more often the oil is used or abused, the more harmful oxidation products are formed.
SFDA indicated that it is possible to reduce these harmful substances during frying by setting the temperature at 180 degrees Celsius or less, and adjusting the amount of frying oil in proportion to the amount of food to be fried, reducing the presence of food residues in the oil, and using utensils made of materials that are stainless. Moreover, considering the quick cooling after the end of frying, and keeping the oil in glass containers, stainless materials or
plastics prepared for this purpose, considering that these pots are opaque and impermeable to light.
For safety during frying, SFDA recommended not to leave the oil on the fire unattended under any circumstance, and that the sleeves of the clothes be short and not loose, and the food to be fried in the oil
should be placed gently before the oil begins to smoke.
It added that the frying pan should be covered to prevent scattering of oil drops during frying and not frying in a confined space with insufficient ventilation, evacuating the frying area and its surroundings from any flammable material, and keeping
a suitable fire extinguisher ready for use.
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