As many as 82 Multi-language Screens Installed in the Grand Mosque to Display Indicative Contents for Pilgrims

Wednesday 1443/9/12 - 2022/04/13
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Makkah, Apr. 12, 2022, SPA-- A total of 82 multi-language digital screens have been installed inside the Grand Mosque and its courtyards to display directive and indicative contents, to which globally approved symbols are added to facilitate the visual delivery of information to beneficiaries, while updating the contents in line with the approved operational plan, under constant observation to address any technical remarks.
The displays operate around the clock, presenting contents demonstrating the most important sites inside the Grand Mosque, such as the tracks of Mataf (circumambulation around Kaaba (House of God) and Masaa (journey between the two mounts of Safa and Marwa), in addition to the Hadith (Prophet Mohammed's sayings) and prayers that can be recited at the beginning and end of the circumambulation, and educating visitors on health and security aspects and knowledge enrichment.
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