Saudi Press Briefing

Saturday 1443/10/6 - 2022/05/07
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Riyadh, May 07, 2022, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted today a number of issues at the local and international arenas.
AlRiyadh newspaper said in its editorial entitled "National Vision and Determination" that the Kingdom has, since its recent rich history of achievements, projected plans to implement its inclusive development vision for all administrative regions. The contingent of those plans is establishing regional and royal commissions that re-habilitate the regions under their capacity in a way that benefits from the capabilities of each to form a factor of attraction of local and international investments in addition to reducing internal migration.
The paper added that development of land and the best use of its resources represent the basic channel to achieve such great objectives as part of the Kingdom's vision 2030.
The paper cited the recent royal order establishing Al-Ihsaa and Al-Taif development commissions as an example of the great development efforts being exerted by HRH the Crown Prince to develop all the Kingdom's administrative regions upon a strategic thinking depending on long-term investment.
AlRiyadh said that according to the Kingdom's vision 2030, all territories of the country should turn to be investment attractive since sustainable development is no longer an option but an imperative step being called for by the Kingdom's vision, requiring not only environment protection or enhancement of a proper living situation but also supporting the economic competitiveness of administrative regions of the country.
In this context, the paper said, it was generally agreed that developing all the Kingdom's regions is considered a major pillar and component of the Kingdom's vision 2030 in its capacity as a great dream and a considerable transformation in the national spirit and determination led by HRH the Crown Prince.
Highlighting the same issue under the title "Saudi Arabia: development industry", Al-Eqtisadiya "the economist" said that both Al-Ihsaa and Al-Taif regions come as part of the leadership's plan to complete the "productive map" and will emerge as integral parts of the inclusve national development scenario.
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