An Official Source Refutes Misperceptions in the Media Towards the City of NEOM

Monday 1443/10/15 - 2022/05/16
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Jeddah, May 16, 2022, SPA -- An official source stated that NEOM is considered one of the Public Investments Fund's major strategic projects that is absolutely subject to the sovereignty and systems of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The source categorically denied the comments made by the Head of the Tourism Sector at NEOM Andrew McEvoy regarding the demographic situation inside the City of the Future or that they would enjoy a special characteristic or nickname to distinguish them from others.
The source noted that NEOM project will work within special economic zones that are subject to the sovereignty and economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in terms of security, defense and regulatory aspects. This will be accompanied by developing special economic legislations related to the project in a way that achieves the best concepts of governance of economic zones in the world, so that NEOM turns to become among the most important points of attraction globally.
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