Hisma Desert, 500 Million Years Old, Forms Open Museum of Rock Formations, Rare Gharameel

Wednesday 1443/10/17 - 2022/05/18
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Tabuk, May 18, 2022, SPA -- Hisma Desert with its red sands and sand mountains in the northwestern area of the Tabuk Region adds a natural beauty and geological dimension to this desert that has longstanding history, where this desert dates back to 500 million years.
Geological expert Professor Abdulaziz bin Labon attributed these unique rock contents to erosion factors that affected this area over years to make beautiful paintings that are rare in the world, stressing, in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency, that these formations are rocks of sand and some green and mud, where it includes reservoirs of ground water, noting that the age of these rocks and formations date back to 542 million years to 488 million years.
Bin Labon said: “The time that these formations have witnessed contributed to having all these beautiful forms of valleys, mountains, Gharamil - straight pillars that are part of the remains of a huge mountain-, and madakheel with beautiful shapes that made the desert open natural museums and tourist and scientific attractions.
He also noted that the Hisma Desert has a lot of writings and inscriptions on the tops of its rocks, which highlights what the area enjoys of historical heritage of great importance to researchers in the history and the development of the Arabic language.
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