Jeddah Season 2022 Launches Japanese "Anime Village" with Largest Cosplay Parade

Friday 1443/10/19 - 2022/05/20
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Jeddah, May 20, 2022, SPA -- Jeddah Season 2022 launched the activities of the world's famous Japanese “Anime Village” in the “City Walk” zone, which includes many Japanese shows, cultural events and art concerts in the presence of Japanese personalities and many fans of the international anime event.
The opening activities of the Japanese anime, which will last for three days, witnessed the largest cosplay parade, in which 50 models participated, anime music shows, a concert by the artist Rasha Rizk, Watch Otaku, and many interesting Japanese events with which the visitors interacted.
The Jeddah Season's management has prepared the “Anime Village” in the zone of City Walk, which is the first of its kind in the world, “Anime Village” with many services for the visitor to spend a journey in the world of art and entertainment with a distinctive Japanese character as the Japanese street welcomed its visitors with show bands, Japanese restaurants, anime stores, anime labyrinth and global anime plays.
Fifty award-winning Japanese anime showrunners from around the world participated in this show art, which attracted the admiration of visitors.
Jeddah Season's Department has allocated an hour for young talents to participate daily in Japanese culture and learn about international experiences in this field, from Sunday to Wednesday every week.
The "City Walk" zone, which hosts the "Anime Village", is one of the most important zones for Jeddah Season activities, with its diverse options, multiple locations and its suitability for different ages of both genders.
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