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Saturday 1443/10/20 - 2022/05/21
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Riyadh, May 21, 2022, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international levels.
All newspapers spread the news of Al-Faihaa team winning of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques soccer cup in Jeddah, Congo-Brazzaville support for Saudi Arabia's bid to host expo 2030 in Riyadh and call on the public to participate in the forthcoming sensus.
Highlighting the political scenario in Iran, Al-Riyadh newspaper reported in its editorial titled Íran and the fall season ' that since four decades Iran is governed by a constitutional political religious system of the revolutionary guard giving absolute power to Al-Faqih spritual leader to do what he sees or likes without any kind of opposition. On the other hand, there is another political leader who is supposed to represent the will of people, said Al-Riyadh, adding that however, Iranian political leaders managed to exchange the role of a reformist leader and a hardliner systematically.
Accordingly, the system is surviving, but the new result is that there is a very sharp gap between ordinary people and the leading elite in terms of state of living in a country who sits on a giant wealth of oil and gas.
This situation makes it difficult to predict about the nearest future, whether a political popular upheavel might take place or the current one-party regime will survive, said Al-Riyadh. But what is certain is that Iran is currently enjoying the season of autumn waiting for the leaves to fall. Otherwise, coming out of this closed circiut and postpoding fall of leaves needs great compromises on the governing side.
In its editorial titled 'yes it's a strategic commodity but what are the solutions', Al-Eqtisadiya (the economist) said in reference to the importance of wheat as a major food item for most of the world's population. The paper said the conflict in the world's two major producers and exporters of wheat; Russia and Ukraine, casts light on the risk the world might face in terms of food security.
The paper said that not only scarecity of the commodity in the markets is the problem but also its price. The crisis will deeply harm the most vulnaerable economies throughout the world, the paper said, citing that some major exporters, like India have already ceased exportation while others, like the US have turned to other items, including corn, barely and oats and even cookng oil and even fertilizers.
The paper concluded that the world is certainly going to face the wheat crisis and sometimes famine as a result of the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war. Despite surgical solutions might emerge on the scene but definitely they will fall to compensate the deficit caused by the absence of the Russian Ukranian wheat from world markets.
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