Jeddah Season Takes "City Walk" Visitors to World of Fame Through 6 Stages

Thursday 1443/10/25 - 2022/05/26
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Jeddah, May 26, 2022, SPA -- The Fame Factory in City Walk, one of the zones of Jeddah Season, as part of “Jeddah Live” activities has transported visitors on a unique journey in the world of celebrities and international stars by experiencing the role of international celebrities in a different atmosphere in all its details.
This distinctive “experience” begins through 6 different stages, preparing visitors for stardom, through clothing, walking, gestures, and body language, passing the red carpet on its sides, a number of real photographers stand to take souvenir photos for them, and then "experiment" with receiving the Oscar in the last stage, and take out souvenir photos for this exciting stage.
The fame experience was allocated as of 06:00 pm until 02:00 am every day to enable the visitor to live in an atmosphere full of fun and pleasure, visitors' cameras race to take pictures to document the activities of Jeddah Season 2022.
The site simulates the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the United States of America, which documents the fingerprints of the most well-known and distinguished celebrities, artists and influencers in the world of entertainment, art and stardom.
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