Global Jeddah Season with Diversified Events, Several Shows and Experiments at One Place

Thursday 1443/10/25 - 2022/05/26
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Jeddah, May 26, 2022, SPA -- The second version of Jeddah Season is characterized by attracting several global events that target visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to tourists through entertaining shows, miscellaneous programs and new global experiences, some of which are provided for the first time at the international level.
The global circus events, restaurants, the first of its kind anime village and global exhibitions that the season witnesses, along with global singing shows and the seven experiences at the Jeddah Pier, and some events of city walk, superdome games, among others that form a global character in the Jeddah Season that attracted many visitors and tourists and created a state of joy and happiness and beautiful diversity.
The zones of Jeddah Season have received a big turnout from various nationalities that enjoyed the daily events of the season, where the season is expected to attract more visitors over the coming days.
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