Jeddah Season to conclude international shows "Cirque du Soleil" tomorrow

Friday 1443/10/26 - 2022/05/27
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Jeddah, May 27, 2022, SPA -- Jeddah season concludes tomorrow international shows "Cirque du Soleil" after about one month of exciting shows presented by international exhibiting teams, which witnessed a large number of visitors.
Since its inception on May 2, the circus has hosted many acrobatic shows, fire shows, giant helium balloons, snow storms, wheels shows, and many other shows that dazzled visitors and mixed creativity, beauty and thought.
39 male and female artists, 25 operating technicians, and a number of other specialized teams from 13 different countries participated in the circus performances, and the ages of the exhibitors ranged between 17 and 62 years old.
Cirque du Soleil's designs combine many distinctive classic costumes that appear in their original form, decorated with elaborate elements and fabrics and in homogeneous vibrant colors, to give the audience a unique experience in the world of the circus and its exciting shows.
The management of the Jeddah Season succeeded throughout this event in an impressive presentation of one of the most important events of the season, with a global character, wonderful organization, great attendance, and an elaborate performance by the participating international teams, which concluded the first success stories of the events of Jeddah Season 2022.
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