Renad Al-Hussein, a female Saudi inventor who brings hope with an invention that allows the deaf to drive

Friday 1443/10/26 - 2022/05/27
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Riyadh, May 27, 2022, SPA – The remarkable success achieved by Saudi youth represents a source of pride for the society, as they have outdone themselves in overcoming various obstacles, which is clear evidence of the constant support and care they enjoy from the Saudi leadership that works with unrelenting firmness to overcome these obstacles and open all fields for them to reach glory and extend their successes sky high.
From this standpoint, Renad bint Musaed Al-Hussein, a student at the College of Medicine at King Saud University, excelled when she sensed the need of the hearing impaired or deaf people while driving vehicles. Hence, she invented “sound sensors” that operate as soon as they detect sounds outside the vehicle, which are transformed into sound frequencies, and then sent to a device inside the car, which in turn identifies and displays a description, image, and color of the sound source visually, as this represents the fastest way to alert the brain. Each sound and its source are displayed in a specific color as well as the proximity and distance of the sound source, thus allowing hearing impaired or deaf drivers the ability to perceive these sounds very clearly through the sense of sight that is very similar to the sense of hearing.
Al-Hussein explained that her invention will contribute to reducing risks, preserving the lives of hearing-impaired or deaf drivers and others, and making this segment of society aware of the important sounds that happen around them while driving.
“One of the things that prompted me to come up with this invention is that some countries prevent hearing impaired or deaf people from driving because they are unable to hear important sounds while driving. This invention will contribute to reducing the risks they face,” she said.
The Saudi inventor added that her invention has some advantages, such as allowing about 466 million deaf people from around the world to drive, in addition to being aware of the important sounds that happen in their surrounding while driving, which will result in reducing risks and preserving their lives and the lives of others.
Renad Al-Hussein has won the best invention at the International level among other several international awards and medals, including the World Intellectual Property Organization "WIPO" Cup as the best invention in the world, and a gold award in the International Scientific Invention Competition "Korea International Olympiad KIYO" as the best invention in the world.
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