OIC SG Meets with each of Morocco's Spreaker of House of Representatives and House of Councilors

Wednesday 1443/11/16 - 2022/06/15
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Rabat, June 15, 2022, SPA -- Secretary General of Jeddah-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Hussein Ibrahim Taha has met here with each of the Spreaker of House of Representatives Rachid Al-Talbi Al-Alami and President of the House of Councilors Al-Naama Mayara as part of his official visit to Morocco, it was reported today.
During the two meetings, which took place on Tuesday, Taha lauded the pioneering role Morocco plays inside OIC, citing its numerous contributions, underscoring the importance of the role of parliaments of member countries in enhancing joint Islamic action.
For their part, the leaders of Morocco's two parliamentary chambers lauded the important role OIC is playing in unifying the positions of its member countries to face the political, economic and developmental challenges, confirming their organizations' readiness to stand by OIC in the service of Islamic world issues.
During the two meetings, they exchanged view points on a number of regional and international issues, topped by the Palestinian cause, Afghanistan, African Coast zone, Chad lake, the situations of Muslim societies and minorities in non-member countries as well the Isamphobia phenomenon which requires member countries cooperation and solidarity.
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