Two Holy Mosques General Presidency Prepares Third Expansion to Receive Pilgrims

Sunday 1443/11/27 - 2022/06/26
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Makkah, June 26, 2022, SPA -- The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet's Holy Mosque has prepared the third Saudi expansion at the Grand Holy Mosque to receive this year's pilgrims through a set of field, engineering and technical services that are under the supervision of the General Department for the Northern Expansion affiliated with the Agency for field services and affairs and realizing environmental prevention.
Works are implemented according to systematic plans and human personnel of engineers, technicians, supervisors and laborers who work round the clock for the comfort and safety of pilgrims.
Director of the General Department for the Northern Expansion Eng. Waleed Al-Masudi stressed that readiness of field service plans on all the floors of the expansion, in addition to preparing parkings and hallways for arrivals from the tunnels of Jarwal and Jabal Al-Kaabah according to the pre-set plans for the Hajj season, as well as intensifying cleaning, sterilizations and perfuming operations round the clock, and ensuring the operation of Zamzam water taps, securing containers and preparing doors and carpets of all prayer areas.
21:12 LOCAL TIME 18:12 GMT