Jeddah Season numbers hit world records

Monday 1443/11/28 - 2022/06/27
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Jeddah, June 27, 2022, SPA – Jeddah Season is a success story in the region that has achieved unprecedented numbers and indicators over the past 55 days since it was launched, with the number of visitors exceeding five million from 129 countries, who attended 2,800 events.
The season grabbed the attention of various local and international media outlets, with more than 11,000 news articles published in 26 different languages, reaching 68 countries around the world, and receiving more than 250 million views.
Not only did the Jeddah Season bypass the entertainment and events objectives, but it also reflected positively on the economic and development aspects, and created a movement in several sectors, as it contributed to the localization of 14 professions, and provided 74,000 job opportunities for citizens, more than 80% of the total workers, achieving sustainability, competitiveness, inclusiveness, and diversity in its activities and options, as it comes down to wrapping up its activities in 5 days after drawing a smile and happiness on the faces of its visitors.
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