Hajj missions entrust Saudi Arabia’s Adahi project to perform the sacrifice ritual

Monday 1443/11/28 - 2022/06/27
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Jeddah, June 27, 2022, SPA – Several Hajj missions and offices concerned with the pilgrims’ affairs abroad have signed agreements with Saudi Arabia’s Adahi Project to benefit from its services that include buying the sacrifice, facilitating this ritual for the pilgrims, and ensuring the completion of the sacrifice process easily and smoothly, per additional advantages offered by the project.
The project management communicates, meets and signs agreements with Hajj missions to implement the Hajj ritual per specifically agreed mechanism, while stressing the importance of its positive cooperation to implement the rituals in designated locations to preserve the environment of the holy sites and to ensure the implementation of the rituals per legal and health conditions and not to resort to random slaughtering, especially since the project enables the pilgrims wishing to carry out the rituals themselves through coordination with the project management, by allocating slaughterhouses.
The Hajj missions represent East Asian countries, Southeast Asia, European countries, Arab countries, the United States of America and Arabic-speaking and non-Arabic-speaking African countries, as the number of requests for pilgrims wishing to practice the ritual in cooperation with the Adahi Project is expected to increase during this year’s Hajj season.
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